Lab Visitors

Over the past years, we have welcomed many visitors from all over the world to our lab.  They come to learn about our research but also to add their insights and expertise.  Many of these individuals become future collaborators and friends.

Bob Kapteijns Radboud University, The Netherlands May 2023
Nadir Díaz-Simón University of the Republic, Uruguay Oct. 2021
Lynn Fehlbaum University of Zurich, Switzerland Sept - Dec 2019
Alice Tovazzi Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy Sept - Nov 2019
Christian James Peake Mestre Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Chile Sept - Oct 2019
Elien Bellon University of Leuven, Belgium Sept - Nov 2018

Maria Del Rosario Sanchez Fernandez

University of Salamanca, Spain Sept- Dec 2018
Maria Esther Velarde Flores Institute of Technology of Sonora, Mexico Oct - Nov 2018
Becky Wong National Institute of Education, Singapore Aug - Sept 2018
Margot Roell Sorbonne Université, France May - Aug 2018
Theresa Wege Leipzig University, Germany May - Aug 2017
Dominik Raabe Osnabrück University, Germany Sept - Apr 2014
Iro Xenidou-Dervou VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands Feb - Apr 2014
Wim Fias University of Ghent, Belgium Mar - Sept 2014
Anne Lafay Laval University, Canada June - Aug 2013
Hans-Christoph Nuerk University of Tuebingen, Germany July 2012
Michelle Hurst McMaster University, Canada May - Aug 2011