Honours Thesis Students

Beatrice Arsenault-Dufour 2019-2020

The Relationship Between the Subcomponents of Math and Reading

Michael Slipenkyj 2017-2018



Diana Samoil 2017-2018

The Relationship Between Symbolic Number Processing, Arithmetic Strategy Use, and Overall Arithmetic Ability

Jake Kaufman 2016-2017

Correlation Between Automatic Processing of Symbolic and Non-symbolic Magnitudes in Children

Selena Basile


Sarah Bray Kinissepp 2016-2017



Bailey Friday


Jane Hutchison 2014-2015

An Investigation of the Neural and Behavioral Correlates Distinguishing Numerical from Non-Numerical Ordering (Winner-McClelland Award:best honors thesis)

Dana Smith 2013-2014


Adam Dharsee 2013-2014


Moriah H. Sokoloswski 2012-2013

Training of Early Numeracy Skills in Preschool and Kindergarten:  An iPad training Study

Chelsea DeGuzman 2012-2013

The Development of Children's Ability to Map Between Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Numerical Representations

Savannah Barker 2012-2013

The Influence of Discrete and Continuous Properties on Non-Symbolic Numerical Magnitude Processing

Jordan Rozario 2011-2012

Understanding the Interrelatedness of the Cognitive Correlates of Mathematical Ability

Celia Goffin 2011-2012

Reliability and Convergent Validity of the Numerical Distance and Priming Distance Effects (Winner-McClelland Award: best honors thesis)

Sarah Rockman 2011-2012

The Relationship Between Numerical Symbolic and Non-Symbolic Quantities

Jordan Lass 2010-2011

The Effects of Numerical Magnitude Comparison on the Encoding of Addition Facts into Memory

David Truong 2010-2011


Daniel Palmer 2010-2011

The Effect of Presentation Format on Non-Symbolic Numerosity Discrimination

Lisa King 2009-2010

The Development of Error Processing in the Brain:  The Case of Number

Alicia Remark 2009-2010

Numerical Magnitude and Order Presentation in 1st and 2nd Grade Children

Meghan Reid 2008-2009

Numerical Magnitude Processing and Mathematical Competence: A Longitudinal Study

Rebecca Merkley 2008-2009

Looking at Numbers: Eye Movements and the Numerical Ratio Effect

Stephanie Bugden 2007-2008

Basic Numerical Magnitude Processing and Mathematical Competence in Six to Eight-Year-Old Children

Jessica Taylor 2007-2008

Are Individual Differences in Phonological Abilities Related to Children's Arithmetic Skills?